DAMAGED PEOPLE Installations

"DAMAGED PEOPLE" is an organic installations project consisting of 6 artworks made between march - june of 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland. The installations are basically large-scale charcoal drawings with organic elements (branches, antlers, etc) attached in such a way that they provide a 3D continuation of the 2D drawings. This allows the viewer to interact with the artwork in a much more intricate way (in order to view details of the drawings you have to, for example, insert yourself closer, while concentrating on finding a comfortable way through the ramifications of the branches).
As for the subject matter of the series, I focused on real-life aquaintances and semi-famous people and models, to suggest the overall idea that everybody has problems / issues in the eyes of others regardless of their social status.
The artworks have been featured in two solo shows, one which took place at Casa Matei Gallery in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) with the exhibition opening on the 17th of May 2011, while the other one was part of the "HUMAN BEING: Places of Presence" 3-artist-show in Venice (Italy), where three individual artists (me, Alessandro Dimauro and Matteo Boato) each had their own floor of a building to exhibit their specific works.

Some of the installations are still for sale! For purchases, please mail me at andreea.anghel.cigaro@gmail.com


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